Giants of Mont’e Prama

The necropolis of Mont'e Prama is located at the base of the homonymous hill, at a distance of about 2 km from the pond of Cabras, along the road that leads from San Salvatore to Riola Sardo. The discovery of the site happened by chance in March 1974 by people who carried out agricultural work.

Several excavation and recovery operations followed between 1975 and 1979. The 28 statues identified so far, all fragmentary, represent 16 boxers, 5 archers and 5 warriors. The boxers wear a kilt and are shirtless; they protect their head with a shield held by the left hand placed at the top of the head, while the right hand, protected by a glove, holds the other side of the shield.

The archers, who wear a short tunic and a cap on the chest, have a two-horned helmet on the head from which long braids sprout; the left arm, protected by a sheath and a glove, holds a bow. The right arm has forearm and hand stretched forward.

The legs are protected by greaves. In the current state of studies on the nuragic civilization, it is believed that the necropolis of Mont'e Prama may have constituted the funeral space reserved for a dominant family group in the Nuragic society of the Early Iron Age.

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