Antiquarium Arborense Museum

The Arborense Antiquarium Archaeological Museum is composed by recomposing the entire archaeological collection of Avvocato Pischedda purchased by the city of Oristano in 1938. In the “Sala Retabili” there are pictorial plates of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, including the altarpiece of San Martino (fifteenth century), the retablo of Santo Cristo (1533) by Pietro Cavaro, and the retable of the Madonna dei Consiglieri (1565) by Antioco Mainas. On the first floor there are two models: the reconstructive model of the city of Oristano in the fourteenth century (judicial period), and the model of the city of Tharros in the fourth century AD. (whose vision is important before visiting the nearby archaeological site).

Moreover, the Antiquarium Arborense is one of the few museums in Sardinia to have an exhibition section dedicated to the blind and visually impaired, where it is possible to understand the details of some of the most beautiful artefacts on display at the Museum, touching them with the help of museum guides, professionally prepared to accompany the blind.

But not only. On several occasions, the blind are to become museum guides: they lead visitors by touching the exhibits, proposing a new approach to tactility. The museum also has a room dedicated to temporary exhibitions and multimedia devices with 3D images and augmented reality applications. Guided tours to the historic center of Oristano (also in English and French) are available upon reservation.

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