Cornus Archeological Site

The archaeological site of Cornus -Columbaris is located in the open countryside, in the municipality of Cuglieri, not far from Santa Caterina di Pittinuri and S'Archittu. On the SS 292 it is necessary to follow the indications for the site, and along a short stretch of unpaved road you reach a parking lot. After 100 meters on foot you arrive at the archaeological area. The area where the first  settlements were implanted was occupied by the Carthaginians towards the end of the 6th century BC who founded the city of Cornus.

Evidence of the city walls and the remains of the funerary monuments remain of the Punic city. The city of Cornus became famous above all for being the scene of the war fought by the Sardinians led by Amsicora and his son Josto, allied with the Punic, against the Roman invasion that caused a revolt to break out in 215 BC. This uprising was stifled and the two warriors lost their lives. During the early Christian age, near the ancient Cornus developed the religious center of Columbaris.

The remains of three religious buildings can be identified from this center: the Episcopal Basilica, the minor Basilica with the baptismal font and the archaic Basilica with a cemetery area. Different types of funeral coverings have been found from those in amphorae to those covered with tiles. Despite several excavation and research interventions, even recent ones, unfortunately, the site is not valued as it should be.

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