San Leonardo – (Santu Lussurgiu)

The origins, dating back to the 12th century, of San Leonardo di Siete Fuentes are not clear but certainly earlier than Santu Lussurgiu, of which it is a hamlet and from which it is six kilometers away. It has always been inhabited: under the judges, first of Torres, then of Arborea, in the most ancient documents it was indicated in Latin as "Ad Septem fontes".

During the Spanish domination it became Siete Fuentes and, from the 18th century, Villa of the Seven Fountains. The first part of the name derives from the nearby, ancient and characteristic, church of San Leonardo, a remnant of a glorious past. It is possible to have picnics immersed in the shade and tranquility of the thick woods of holm oaks and oaks, cooking in the barbecue that the park offers.

The park has a toilet and there are several bars where you can eat. The park has several paths to take where you can breathe an air of peace and tranquility, accompanied by the slow flow of water of tiny ponds and streams. Inside the village, populated above all during the holidays and in summer, you can see many ancient trees.

From 1906, in the early days of June, the small village of San Leonardo hosts the Regional Horse Fair, the most important sector in Sardinia, in a fair complex that during the rest of the year welcomes horse-riding activities.

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