Monte Arci Mountain

The expanse of Mount Arci touches several municipalities of Oristano (Ales, Marrubiu, Mogoro, Palmas Arborea, Pau, Santa Giusta, Villaurbana). It is covered by basaltic lava flows, which reveal its origin and a thousand-year history. Monte Arci was very important in the history of Sardinia and specifically in its prehistoric mining history because of obsidian, very abundant in its stratums.

Obsidian was suitable for making weapons and tools. This volcanic glass has helped to create and grow the first overseas businesses of Sardinia, which have brought contacts with distant peoples.

Most of the area of ​​the mountain is covered with holm oaks with sprinkles of cork oaks, downy oaks and Mediterranean scrub. The woods are populated by wild boar, weasels, martens, foxes and deer and fallow deer have been reintroduced. They are flown over by wood pigeons, finches, jays and hoopoes. While, among the birds of prey, they make their nest goshawk, sparrow hawk, hawk and pilgrim falcon. It is possible to make picnics in the specific areas, in fact they are located along the various paths of the tables and benches made entirely of stone.

For the more athletic, the mountain offers many routes of different miles and durations. In the highest peaks with beautiful days, you can see (from the entrance on the side of Tiria) in the distance, the entire Gulf of Oristano and the Sinis Peninsula. The mountain is also frequented by mountain bike enthusiasts, who challenge each other in descents and breathtaking climbs.

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