Trekking & Bike

The coast of the province of Oristano extends for about 100 km. Beautiful beaches alternate with rugged coastline and extreme cliffs, all beaten by the mistral that makes this stretch of sea one of the most coveted places for surfing on the island. You can undertake several independent paths along the coasts to immerse yourself in breathtaking landscapes and discover and touch up close, the various coastal towers erected over the centuries to defend the surrounding populations from enemy raids. From the beautiful sea of ​​San Giovanni di Sinis, along Tharros you can admire the majestic tower of San Giovanni.

Continuing along the path surrounded by the Mediterranean scrub, you can see from the outside the archaeological site and the calm and crystalline waters of the Dead Sea. You can see Capo San Marco also mastered by the old tower, much smaller than that of San Giovanni. The most enterprising can continue along the uphill road until reaching the lighthouse of San Giovanni. The municipality of Cabras also offers a tourist train that runs some stretches but does not reach the lighthouse. On the opposite side we find the Torre del Seu (or Turr'e Seu), which stands on a small cliff of 13 m. within the naturalistic oasis of Seu. . The route can also be done by bike thanks to small paths that lead up to the tower overlooking the sea. From here a breathtaking view will surprise you.

In the marina of San Vero Milis instead we find other paths to be undertaken along the coasts, from Mandriola to Capo Mannu, where on windy days you can observe the surfers riding the high waves. The promontory where the tower of Capu Mannu is located is really impressive and gives a very wide view of the whole coast. Being overhanging the sea, we advise you to be cautious and not to get too close. You can also continue to Sa Mora, which is mastered by the tower of the same name. From this tower, located at 34 mt above sea level and in visual connection with the towers of Capo Mannu di Scala 'and Sali and del Seu (or of Seu), it was possible to control over a wide coastline of over 25 km.

You can also do horse riding and some of these routes can also be undertaken by bike. We advise you to provide you with a mosquito repellent and to enjoy the walk, echoed by the fauna and flora typical of our area.

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