Su Pallosu Cat Oasis

Su Pallosu is a thin strip of land with a sandy bottom of golden color and amber, medium-grained, mixed with some pebbles, hidden in a small creek and protected behind a high barrier on the ground. It is immersed in a limpid and crystalline sea with an iridescent green color, with a shallow sandy bottom.

The beach of Su Pallosu, however, is well known because behind it is a renowned feline colony. The cats, whose presence dates back to the early twentieth century, often venture to the beach: they are the only ones of the species that do not fear to swim.

The volunteers of the feline colony, make free guided tours lasting about 30 minutes and on request. Guided tours are limited (max 10 people) and only by appointment throughout the year. For three consecutive years (2016-2017-2018) the colony received the Certificate of Excellence as a Tourist Attraction from the Tripadvisor International Portal.

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