Santa Cristina Water Well

The sanctuary of Santa Cristina, the sacred nuragic area par excellence, stands in a basaltic plateau, in the territory of nearby Paulilatino. The name comes from the adjacent country church of the eleventh century.

The archaeological site stands in the green dotted with ancient olive trees, divided into two nuclei. In the first there is a well temple, dating back to the final Bronze age, embraced by a sacred enclosure in the shape of a 'lock'. Inside the well, a descending staircase and a room with a tholos vault, made with concentric rings. Outside the enclosure, the meeting hut, round with a diameter of ten meters paved with pebbles and with a circular seat. At 200 meters, there is the second nucleus including a single tower nuraghe, six meters high and 13 wide, surrounded by three elongated huts and the nuragic village enclosed by an enclosure.

Built in polished stones with accurate techniques, the well is a jewel with perfect geometric shapes. It evokes suggestive cults of the waters, which attracted nuraghic people from all over the island. The water reaches the tank, dug in the rock, from a perennial water: the level is always constant. The sanctuary was perhaps a place of astronomical observation: therefore the scenery deserves, with caution, a visit when the full moon illuminates the waters of the well.


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