San Salvatore Festival

San Salvatore is part of Cabras. A village of medieval origin, owes its name to the homonymous church located in the center of the village, in whose basement there is an ancient pagan sanctuary of Nuragic origin. In particular, the hypogeum is very interesting as evidence of different religious overlaps: starting from a nuragic origin, then a temple for the Roman God.

You can also admire an inscription in Arabic on a wall, destined to the veneration of Allah, maybe the rests of some successful assault  during an Islamic invasion in the Middle Ages. Between the sixties and seventies, during  the phenomenon of the Italian style western movies, the village was the location for numerous films. It has also been the location of numerous music videos including "Jesus son" by Placebo.

The first weekend of September, Cabras, the village of San Salvatore di Sinis and the whole homonymous peninsula celebrate the Corsa degli Scalzi (barefeet race), a procession and religious and civil festival in honor of San Salvatore. The name "Corsa degli Scalzi" is not a coincidence: the procession between Cabras and San Salvatore (first Saturday of September) and back (the following Sunday) is a historical re-enactment of the defense of the statue of the Saint in 1619 by the "Barefeet" against an invasion of the Moors.

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