Is Fassonis (Santa Giusta)

From 29 June to 1 July, Santa Giusta and its lagoon are the setting for the regatta de “Is Fassõis”. “Is Fassõis”, or “Fassonis”, are boats made with bundles of reeds and marsh grasses that date back to very ancient times.

Very similar boats have been found only at Lake Titicaca in Peru used by pre-Columbian populations. Today is fassonis are used only for the regatta. The competition takes place in the morning and is based on the speed and ability of the competitors, who challenge each other while standing on the boat, which is advanced by relying on a long pole.

Before the real race, the "cius", the flat-bottomed wooden boats that are still used today for fishing in the ponds of the area, compete. In addition to the regatta, various initiatives are planned for the enhancement of the traditions of Santa Giusta: guided visits to the monuments of Santa Giusta, tasting of traditional dishes of the lagoon, workshops for the construction of the fassonis, guided boat trips on the lagoon, musical performances and much more.

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