S’Archittu Beach and Arch

Celebrated by the futurist poet Giovanni Corona and the writer Flavio Soriga, s'Archittu of Santa Caterina di Pittinurri, in the territory of Cuglieri, takes its name from a long arch-shaped rock. From this rock the young and less young were used to dive, and in 2001 the back of the rock (15 meters high), was the scene of the diving from great heights World Championship.

There is a beach sheltered by the currents with shallow water that guarantees relax and fun. There is no lack of services and amenities and the possibility of disabled access. It can be reached by a road at north of the village: with a walk along the paved path you almost reach the arch. S'Archittu is surrounded by three islets in the shape of a mushroom, also smoothed by the patience of the waves.

In the summer months, after the sunset the arch is artificially illuminated, and the scenic effect is indescribable.

Its beauty has also inspired many directors such as Lina Wertmuller, Ilaria Paganelli, Pietro Francisci and many others who have not been able to resist the beauty that this place brings, especially during the sunset.

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