Is Arutas – Mari Ermi Beaches

Less than 20 km from Oristano, we find one of the most beautiful and evocative beaches in Sardinia. The peculiarity of Is Arutas beach, located in the protected marine of the Sinis peninsula, in addition to the transparent sea that takes on various shades between green and blue, is its renowned and particular quartz sand. In fact it is known as the "beach of rice grains" together with Mariermi and Maimoi, nearby beaches, always with this characteristic.

Let yourself be enchanted by the colors of the grains ranging from pink to white, to green and from the sea of ​​a thousand colors.  Throughout the summer there are offers of  paid parking, there is also an area dedicated to campers and there are several bars offering restaurant service.

We would like to point out that taking the sand from these seas is strictly forbidden and punishable with very high fines.

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