Town of Oristano

Oristano is the main city of the central-western part of Sardinia. Lose yourself inside adorned former fortifications and towers, witnesses of its intense medieval history, and of traditions that remain over the centuries.

Oristano in fact, has played a leading role in the history of Sardinia: from the eleventh century the city center began to flourish with palaces, fortifications, towers and religious buildings. The majestic tower of San Cristoforo (also known as Torre di Mariano) was erected in 1290. It was one of the two main entrance gates of the ancient city walls, located in the current Piazza Roma and the monument of the Giudice Eleonora D’ Arborea, located in piazza Eleonora, creator of the “Carta de Logu”, one of the first codes of laws written in Europe.

Do not miss the Antiquarium Arborense museum and the churches of San Francesco in neoclassical style, of Santa Chiara a rare example of Gothic style on the Island, and the wonderful Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. The area around Oristano is characterized by numerous lagoons, including those of Cabras and Santa Giusta, a habitat for numerous species of rare birds.

From the wetlands comes one of the resources of the area: the fish industry, which together with the confectionery, wine production and craftsmanship, ceramic excellence, wood and wrought iron are, as well as the basis of the local economy, also attractions for visitors. Not to be missed is also one of the most beautiful traditions of Oristano, the Sartiglia that takes place during the carnival period.

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