Obsidian Museum (Pau)

The Obsidian Museum was opened in 2007, following the establishment by the Municipality of Pau of a functional body to collect the results of research around the issue of exploitation in prehistoric and protohistoric age, of the obsidian of Mount Arci conducted by the University of Cagliari.

In the museum it is possible to see the obsidian archaeological finds found in the territory, but also the reconstruction (through experimental archeology studies) of Neolithic tools: an arch, a drill, a sickle, etc.

Also interesting are the videos that reproduce the ancient working of this volcanic glass and the nuclei in obsidian exposed in the showcases from which the prehistoric men made flakes of various types and sizes. The museum does not lack the geological part that shows the varieties of obsidian Monte Arci but also other types from various parts of the world.

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