Events & Food in Oristano

The province of Oristano is also characterized by many events and festivals, which take place throughout the year and mainly in summer. The various carnivals of the province are generally accompanied by festivals dedicated to the typical carnival sweets, such as the “zippole”, the fried facts, the chatter, the cream ravioli, etc.

We then move on to the festivals of typical products of the area, such as the citrus festival in Zerfaliu, asparagus in Villanova Truschedu, artichokes in Siamaggiore, strawberries in Arborea, Gattou in Gonnostramatza, Culurzones (ravioli) in Ghilarza, bottarga to Cabras, of the tomato to Zeddiani, of the rice to Simaxis, of the bread to Villaurbana, and many others.

Not only festivals, but also tastings of delicious wines such as the review of new wines by Milis or craft beers in Bosa with the Bosa Beer Fest. There are also many typical festivals dedicated to the patrons of the various provincial towns, generally accompanied by religious rituals and processions and by celebrations such as dances and typical songs in the center of the citadels.

Do not forget also musical events such as the Dromos Festival with concerts and artists of international importance but also characterized by collateral events such as exhibitions, books and cinema. Or the various concerts organized in the sound park of Riola Sardo.

For shopping lovers, from July to late August, every Tuesday the center of Oristano gives place to white nights, with most of the shops in the center open until midnight, with live music, costume parades, songs and much more . In short, rich and interesting programs will accompany your holidays at any time you decide to visit our province.

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