Carrela e Nanti – Horse Carousel

At Santu Lussurgiu there is an equestrian carnival characterized by a horse race, among the most daring of the island, called "Sa Carrela 'e Nanti" (the road in front). Sa Carrela 'e Nanti is the synthesis of the carnival of Santu Lussurgiu that features knights, horses and the public.

Even the crowd is an integral part of the event creating a particular effect: the thick mass opens a moment before the arrival of the racing horses to close immediately after their passage. Sa Carrela 'e Nanti (the current Via Roma) is a dirt road about 350 meters long downhill. The knights, strictly luxurian, must wear, according to tradition, a mask or have a painted face. The event takes place over three days.

On Carnival Sunday, the riders present themselves at s'iscappadorzu, the point where the race begins, and at "pareza" (pariglia) the riders rush at full speed with the aim of descending the whole race "united", with the arm of one on the other's arm, almost symbolizing unity, harmony, friendship and solidarity. In ancient times it also came down to pariglie of three and sometimes of four riders.

On Monday, called "Su Lunisi de sa pudda" (hen's Monday), the galloping rider must throw a stick on the ground, a puppet that looks like a hen, which replaces the true hen from the '70s . On tuesday the show ends with the awarding of the riders who have thrown down more hens, of the three best “pariglie” and of all the other participants.

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