Sa Mesa Longa Beach

Set between the cliffs of Capo Mannu and the coast of su Pallosu, Sa Mesa Longa (the long board), owes its name to a natural sandstone barrier located tens of meters from the shore that completely isolates it from the waves caused by the mistral, creating an authentic natural pool.

It is a beautiful and very long beach, variegated and multicolored, between the yellow ocher of the fine and soft sand, the rosy-red of the shoreline made of pebbles and shells and the black of the rocks that cut in two the sand that plunges into a sea ‚Äč‚Äčthat, according to the light, gives all the shades of blue, with sandy bottom and shallow.

At the center of the bay, there is a small promontory that divides the beach into two parts, opposite the characteristic circular island, covered with vegetation, while on the southern side, you can admire the cliffs of Capo Mannu. The peculiarity of this beach is also another natural walkway located a few meters from the shore, which allows you to easily get to the island and can be reached by swimming or, when there is low tide, walking on flat rocks. On the beach there are ample parking, also accessible to campers, and a refreshment point.

To the north of the 'table' are the beach and the feline colony of su Pallosu and, beyond the Capo Mannu, sa Rocca Tunda and the coves of Scal'e Sali.

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